Monday, July 18, 2011

"It Happened One Night? His Girl Friday!? Casablanca!!?"

In case you're wondering if I'm a huge loser, I am.

In case you're also wondering how badly I want to succeed on this whole "watch as many new movies as physically possible" thing, very badly.  I have bowed down to the greats.

I found a website where someone MORE obsessed with gilmore girls (yes, yes, those people DO exist) than me has listed off every movie they have ever referenced.

I began perusing it, quick general overview of the greats, the classics, the ones I've been wanting to watch since my wee little freshman girl days of watching gilmore girls, and then. Then I began to delve more deeply, I'm currently in the "Cs."


Count 'em ladies and gentleman, I have 68 movies on queue for netflix.  68 of the GREATS, 68 of the ONES I'VE ALWAYS BEEN WAITING FOR.

I don't know how I didn't start this sooner.

Please comment with suggestions of movies that you think I just really need to see before I die.

I will add them to my list immediately.

And such is the glory of netflix.

In other news, heres a bit more detail on my project, and how its coming.  I know you people have been thirsting for it!

My dinoflagellates are known to produce DMSP.  That is what most scientists attribute ALL DMS to. Basically if you ask a scientist, "hey, where did that DMS come from?" They will say "from that DMSP that the marine phytoplankton and microalgae produces." And thats it.

But what IIIIII am trying to prove is that there is possibly something else that is making DMS.  Like, another molecule besides DMSP.

So what I've determined so far, is basically that there is another precursor.

And now I'm determining possibly what it is if I can get to a LCMS (Liquid chromatography to separate the compounds, mass spec. to determine what compounds they are).  If not there are a few more simple tests to run that can determine the biological availability of this new DMS precursor, and that's what I'm setting up now. I'm also running a few tests to determine if other dinoflagellates produce the same new precursors, and to see if its present in local water sources (lake water, for example). Tomorrow the problems of the other cultures and lake water will be tackled. I'm hoping to get my love Ali to help me set up the biologically available thing on Wednesday, after she has recovered from her Marine Geology test, and then I'll focus solely on writing starting next week.


(Did you like that transition that I awkwardly worked in there? I know. So smooth.)

The idea here is that Ali is my graduate student. She loves turtles, and baby turtles, and sea turtles, and she has like 8 pet turtles at home, and probably about 100 fake turtles around.  And one day my sister found this cute little shell turtle so she bought it for Ali, who cracked a joke about how it was sitting on the GC to watch me until she returned.

Ali was having a bad day that day because she hates her marine geology class, and so I decided to cheer her up, I would create a series of photographs involving the turtle being my keeper. It developed quite nicely. :D

I personally think its pretty amusing, and cute. And this first entry is a good overview of my general day.  Although, I must admit its probably more funny if you know Ali and the lab.

Speaking of the lab, that is where I currently am (as per usual around midnight these days), but today I am running samples of little vials that smell like fish.

Why do they smell like fish you ask?

Well.  It finally happened.

Being near an ocean equated to me touching dead fish.

And it was actually quite fun!  I went to the fishing rodeo, that's right THE fishing rodeo, The ALABAMA DEEP SEA FISHING RODEO which is apparently like the biggest deal ever here on the island, and a million kabajillion people bring in the dead fish that they caught to see who caught the biggest, and we took pieces and cut them up into little baby samples and dissolved them in base, and the whole time I was complaining cause I just KNEW NOTHING WAS GOING TO HAPPEN.  THERE IS NO DMSP IN FISH.

And then something happened.  There is DMSP in fish, apparently. A sizable amount.

I was wrong. The well-studied, pretty much genius PhD was right.  He wins, I lose, and here I am running samples at midnight.

Its okay, I feel like a real scientist now, working on my project in a creepy building until all hours of the night. But HEY. At least I have visitors. :D

This update was mostly for the enjoyment of one Miss. Anna Katherine Bryan, who is locked away out of text-range in Germany, and who wants to know about my life. I'm sorry Anna, but I'm out of things to say.

What!? Melissa!? OUT OF THINGS TO SAY?

It's true, I'm not. I could say a million more things but I think it would be better to my sleep patterns and my productivity level to do something project related in the three minutes it takes for this machine to process my samples, rather than write up a blog.  Also, I want to finish the movie I'm currently watching.

<3 <3 <3


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