Saturday, August 13, 2011

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.

Althought I realize I have been negligent in my blogging of late, it is completely and totally because I was finishing a project, making a presentation, writing a paper, entertaining my parents, driving home from Alabama, unpacking my truck, doing laundry, driving to brownwood, helping with my grandpa on his farm, driving home, finishing laundry, repacking my truck, and driving back to school.

That's where I am now, school!! It is quite fabulous to be back. My apartment is almost completely unpacked, and i have cleared out half my closet, half the bathroom drawers and shelves, and some pantry space for my cousin who is coming to live with me for a few months!  I'm very excited to have a roomie again because its lonely living alone, but OH MY GOSH getting my clothes down to half the closet was HARD.

In addition to unpacking/rearranging my apartment, today I met up some friends for tea, made my mother dinner, bought all my textbooks for UNDER $600, which is AWESOME, and put all my old textbooks up for sale on amazon! I feel quite accomplished.

Somewhere along the way I came to the conclusion that I wanted to experiment with my health.  Anna and I have made a pact, to cut down on budget and unhealthiness.  These are my semester rules:
I will tell Anna everything I spend money on, in an effort to decrease spending.
I will observe the diet of a pescatarian. I am limited to TWO SWEETS A DAY AT THE MOST. If I don't have the option of having a sweet or two I will go crazy and fail completely, As well as no sodas or anything deep fried. (:( Bye bye french fries). I will notify Anna when I break these rules.
I will exercise for AT LEAST 30 minutes three times a week. If not more.
I will go to class, turn off my cell phone, and pay attention. Always.
I will do my homework before I play.
I.e. Before I go out for the night, or watch six episodes of Bones straight, or bake cookies, I will have read my chapter, reviewed my notes, done any written assignments or other homework-type things, and all major papers will be written a week before.
I will attempt to get at LEAST six hours of sleep a night.

This is an experiment to determine how much better my lifestyle is when its regulated. I mean... normally I do whatever I want whenever I feel like it and then I'm tired and haggard and grouchy and on some kind of sugar rush constantly and six for roughly half of every semester.  If you CAN'T tell the part that is bolded, italicized, and underlined is the part that I'm MOST excited about! I've heard people go on and on about how great it is to give up some or all meat.  Well, I kinda wanted to know for myself. All that talk also coincided with a rather unpleasant epidsode of bones where chickens were kept in a really sad little place, and a poor little baby pig, and lots and lots of studies on processed meat, cancer, and diabetes. SO. The end result is one semester of a healthier lifestyle.  Lets see how it goes, I'll keep you posted. I'm also going to print a list of the rules and tape them around places! I'm pumped for this semester. Chemistry chemistry chemistry!

In the past week or so I've realized how much the people around me love me, and how much I love them. I feel so lucky and proud to be able to call them friends. I've had lunch/breafast with some great friends, was moral support for a shopping excursion, gotten wonderful emails, texts, and phone calls, missed my sister a ton, visited my grandpa and grandma, spent time with my parents, got an AWESOME package in the mail, came home to a magically clean apartment, and opened my front door to find a friend with flowers in her hand. Do I have great friends or what?  Leaving the people that I cared about from Dauphin Island was sad, but it just made me realize how fortunate I am to have friends ALL OVER instead of just in Texas. And coming home to Texas made me realize how much I love the people here, and how much they have come into my life and changed it for the better. Yay!

Thank God :D

<3 <3 <3 Melissa


  1. Hey sister I'm happy you're trying new things. A few words of advice- make sure you're getting enough of the vitamins/minerals/amino acids that you need. You may have to take some kind of supplement, or be conscious of what kind of foods you're replacing meat with. Also because you are a Texan, when you do eat red meat, come be conscious of it because your system won't have had to deal with that for a while. Just do a little reading. Anyways I miss you a ton too and love you lots.

  2. You were correct, I did miss one and I'm very excited that you're doing a pescatarian diet! (I don't think I told you that today while you were here) Also I'm caught up now and eating your cookies at 3am because I'm an insomniac like you said and I felt guilty not staying posted =P