Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Dizzying few Daze.

A film and political culture essay due, a reading quiz on a thirty page article, three exams, and all in three days.

I'm pretty beat.

I'm also pretty pumped that I finally found a good place to study late with appropriate, cheap, and delicious late-night supplements.  I only wish this discovery had come sooner. I ALSO learned that rather than pull one all-nighter, my body functions better with a few nights in a row with minimal sleep in the early morning.  I seem to be a lot more pleasant and patient, as well, with a few hours of sleep under my belt. I found out so much about myself this week!  With all this new knowledge of what kind of study habits benefit me best, I am a little bummed that the semester is basically over. But.  I am TERRIBLY excited for Dauphin Island this summer! Yayayay chemistry and research!!  My oceanography book was getting me excited (and distracted) last night by discussing some of the toxins that phytoplankton can emit, which is (in fact) sorta what I will be studying this summer.

THAT'S RIGHT. I said it. I found out what my project may be this summer!!!!! Yayayay! And I'm pumped. Still subject to change, but the basic rundown of the only one we have discussed so far is that there is a mysterious chemical in Big Creek Lake being produced by a mysterious phytoplankton, and it is being broken down into a familiar compound. I get to solve the mystery of the chemical, (probably) the phytoplankton, and then get to check out implications of that in other settings! Ahhhh! I'm so excited.

:D On another note, Abbey and I met this Thursday for our regular dinner to discuss our book. It was my turn to cook, and admittedly, with her sickness and my brain-fry mush up top, not much was accomplished. Other. Than. THIS:

This would be a picture of the Taco salad I made. I think its colorful and beautiful, and I love to know that it's healthy, simple, and easy!! Its a recipe that I stole and modified from my mother, who had tons of fast and delicious meals for any kind of day; plus she always knew how to incorporate a vegetable, "because its good for you." :) I love my mom!  I want to be healthy, and live more simply! Being healthy with Lent helped, and I love knowing that there ARE healthy options that are affordable AND DELICIOUS all at once. Taking care of my body feels good. :)

And on that note, I should probably give in to my body's need for sleep.

<3 Melissa

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  1. I hope your tests went well!
    Also, your food looks tasty :P