Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blue Eyes Cryin in the Early Mornin Rain!

Okay, so I didn't actually cry in this morning's rain, but I really really REALLY didn't want to get up and go to lab. I really didn't. And so this lovely country song title seemed like an appropriate way to break my blogging abstinence.

Basically, once again, I've done so much since the last time I posted I seriously DON'T know where to begin.

Firstly, I'm exhausted today. My body hates me because I'm way too mean to it, and so it is striking back at me. Don't worry! I will not succumb.  I am, in fact, sitting at a high performance liquid chromatography machine at this very moment while I run my little guys through tests to see if they're making the mystery chemical, gonyauline.  I'm, quite honestly, not sure what I'm looking for just yet, but after I start collecting fractions of the stuff they are producing (a.k.a. once this little machine breaks up all their little chemicals, I will take each layer of chemical and test it to see if it is what I want it to be), I'll know what's going on!  Cool right?  I also have almost successfully completed my first growth curve, so the biologist in me is getting a little pruning, as well as the chemist.

Also can I just take a moment to say how thankful I am that for the first time in my life I'm legitimately supporting myself doing the job that makes me happy? Its such a wonderful experience. I could get up, and go to lab, and do projects for the rest of my life. Which is nice, because at least through my graduate degrees that is exactly what I will be doing! I'm so thankful God has shown me where my heart belongs!

I'm also getting new, non-chemistry experiences too!  I definitely went to play on jet skis for the first time IN MY LIFE yesterday, and it was AWESOME.  The inside of both my knees are now bruised, but that's the nature of the beast!!  I'm glad that there's an islander here who is willing to show me how to do fun things, like jet ski, fish, and dougie.

In other news we went to New Orleans last weekend!  And for those of you who are going to ask, NO I did not get "schwasty," as my fellow twenty year old Erin said, but I DID love it there.  The last thing we did was go to the aquarium, which was AMAZING.  There was a giant turtle there named Midas, and we got to help feed the fish, and just wander around all morning in the aquarium.  Then we drove around, looking at the garden district, Toulane, Loyola, and ALL the gorgeous houses.  That city really does have a classy side to it, and I think I'm in love.  In addition, when we were in the french quarter, everything was happy an exciting and full of life! I loved the color, and the street venders, and all the unique little shops. We even went into the voodoo museum, which was awesome!  I could just feel how everyone seemed so happy, like they were celebrating life. It reminded me a little of the movie moulin rouge!

Also, just a few days before my New Orleans experience, I went on a 24 hour boat trip for the first. time. ever. It was a research vessel, and we went with Renee's class, but Will and I had a different project, so it was fun to know that I was the same age/younger than these people, but I didn't have to listen to their instructions! Tee Hee! I win I win!  But it was cool to see my sister all in charge and to play on a boat all day. They said I slept a lot, but I think they're just jealous.  Also, if you every get a chance to be out on the ocean at night, do it. Because it was BEAUTIFUL.

Well that takes you back about a week, and before that probably the only fun things I did were getting a makeover for girls night, baking, family night dinners, labbing, and beaching.  SO I'm sorry that I do not have more information for you!  And I'm very sorry that I fail at keeping my blog regularly updated. :D

Mommy, Daddy, and Brother I miss you.
Grandma and Grandpa, too!
GLC I miss you and am thinking of you.
Friends (you know who are), I miss you too.
Enemies.... I don't think I have any, but in case someone has labelled me as an enemy, I HOPE YOU ARE DOING WELL :)
Shout-out Kyle, for coming this weekend!  You can't get here fast enough.

<3 <3 <3 Melissa

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