Monday, June 27, 2011

Vivacious Visuals :D

So I know that I've been promising and promising pictures, and just never presented you with them, but THEY HAVE FINALLY ARRIVED.  This is going to be a purely picture-oriented update. With maybe a little jig at the end about my weekend.

The girls :D Natasha, Amanda, Jami, and me. That dress is new!! I love it.
The boys & momma Laura!! T.J., Ian, Chris Catchapollywag, and Momma Laura!!

 This was our first family dinner potluck!  We went with thanksgiving for the first theme. DELISH.
 Amanda and I threw breakfast at our house!! It was excellent practice because later we had breakfast for dinner at one of our family dinners. How AWESOME do those icing turnovers look? And the pigs in a blanket were AWEEEESOME.
Dumplings are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE asian food.  And I MADE THEM.  Thanks to one miss Alison Rellinger!! :D
 Our collection of Asian food for our potluck family dinner. :D
HEYYYOOOOOO. We gathered those shrimp up after we went trawling on the Alabama Discovery.  Then we went home, peeled 'em, boiled 'em, AND ATE EM.

Below here you see the clothes from the aforementioned prank war. Yes, that's right, I got those clothes on the roof.
 BABY PELICANS!! Seriously, though. Can you not see the resemblance to dinosaurs? I officially believe they're related.
The lighthouse. :D  Just because its eassssy on the eyes.
These are my beautiful little dinos. Aren't they just darlin?


Anna Sent me this beautiful door decoration :D
In case you were wondering, I love packages.

This cute cute baby pecan pie that my roommates mom sent us!!

The last prank. And a great look at all my shoes :D

Fun. :D


Um, I want a parade at my wedding.

We look HOT in our goin out clothes!!
See my facebook for pictures in the masks we wore all night!!
And everyone thought it was awesome! I love new orleans!

See the new albums on my facebook for more!

<3 <3 Melissa!!

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