Sunday, June 5, 2011

So Much Nothing.

I seriously never thought there would be anything to do on this little island, but I have been SO busy.  There's so much nothing going on that people just create an excessive amount of fun things to fill it up!

First off, I've had lots more fun with my lab than I ever expected! We had an awesome dinner party because some people that are collaborating are here in the lab, and Ali made all kinds of wonderful food. Cedar paper trout (I think), with potatoes, salad, mushrooms, everything you could imagine! Mmmm.  Then there was a strawberry cake which I conveniently made accidentally on one of the Georgia guy's birthday! YAY!

Noah's Accidental Birthday Cake!

Then every other Sunday the REUs set up a themed dinner. Last Sunday was thanksgiving food, and it was deliciously fabulous.  The girls got all cute, there was soooo much food.

Then after a few other adventures, the boys got bored.  And how did they satiate their boredom? By placing 30 Hermit crabs in our bathroom.

War ensued.

First there were the hermit crabs, then all of our light bulbs (including the one in the fridge, which was a kind of dedication that I was impressed with) disappeared, along with buttered doorknobs, and switched off breakers.  We retaliated with a cup-move on one of their doors, and tied the other door shut (although the cups were rather unsuccessful, because we failed to account for their super-long legs).

Then, of course, things got serious.  With an handy accomplice, I climbed into a window (which broke in the process.... oops! :D) put all their dirty clothes on the roof, turned a doorknob inside out (which took them forever to notice), removed a few of their blinds, and hid a trash bag that used to hold a massive dead fish.

The next day my shoes were tied to my gutter, with several impressive knots, and recyclables were hidden all over my room, in addition to a bike locked to my bed.

Our T.A. called the whole thing off. Probably cause I broke the window. IT WAS 100% AN ACCIDENT.  Things just break around me.  I don't do it on PURPOSE.

Since then things have started to quiet down a little; I went to my first EVER crawfish boil, which made me feel very island-y, and then yesterday we had a grand old day with the REUs. There was a pancake breakfast, a bakery lunch, and a pizza dinner complete with ice cream, popcorn, and Tron.  I'm so happy with the friends I've made here! I've also had a wonderful time being with my sister and getting to know her boyfriend, J.D.  In exchange for ice cream he let me ride in the Wheel House (I think is what its called) of the Ferry that he drives!  It was fun and he answered all my annoying questions. It was Great.  Plus we have a little dinner together once a week, which is great fun. This week Renee made pork and mashed potatoes and it was delicious!  I have a great family.  It has been awesome to get to spend time with my long-lost sister.

Some of the other REU girls and I discovered the cutest little church here on the island. It's small, the chapel is probably about the size of 1.5 of my apartments at home, and there are stained glass windows all over, and its full of cute old people who refer to me and the other girls that come as "a breath of fresh air." I love it. Totally adorable.

Some interesting developments have occurred with my lab.  Unfortunately, during the last month of my stay, the only lab members that will be on the island at all are me and Ali.  BASICALLY my advisor won't even see my presentation, which is a total bummer. BUT that means that now he's focused on getting my project done and hopefully I'll have ample time to write in order to possibly publish.  We started growing the culture of my little dinoflagellates (actually compared to other dinos, they're massive). They swim around and you can see them with your eyes! They're super cute.  I love them. I lovingly refer to them as my little guys.  BUT occasionally I have to take some out and look at them under the microscope. So they die. BUT THE WEIRDEST THING EVER HAPPENS WHEN THEY DIE.  They literally spill their guts out of their shell.  Like... The guts just spill out.  Its SO BIZARRE.  Anyway, so I get to play with my little guys, and I'm starting to test their DMS production and its going to be a grand old time.  Thank goodness I have Ali to show me the ropes! :D

Okay Texas. There you go. Thats my update, complete with visual aids, and a run-down of my lab life and my social life.  Refer to my facebook at a later date in order to view more pictures of the prank war, thanksgiving dinner, and other awesome stuff. Love Love!!

<3 Melissa

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